I Love You/ Death of Ego

My inherent selfishness
brought me to my knees,
my fear of life,
killed me with ease.
Vivid fantasies
to escape reality,
yearning for isolation
nurtured my fragility.

A wandering mind
lost in time,
a consumerate world
to which i’m sold.
An unknown future
out of my control,
A need for escape
has taken its toll.

Has my addiction
used you all along?
To trip me up
when it all goes wrong.
To chew me up
and spit me out,
so I pick up?
I have no doubt.

I sit in pain
around you and I,
illusions of the future
intead of you and I.
Insecurity, rejection,
I spiritually die.
The reality could kill me;
I would rather live a lie.

Backed into a corner
do I have to let go?
I am yearning the love
but have nothing to show;
but to live in the moment
and reliquish control,
to gain acceptance
for the sake of my soul.

I love you dearly
and without my addiction,
I have a beautiful friend,
the pain won’t afflict me.
Nothing bad happens
I stand on my feet,
there was nothing to gain,
I suffer no defeat.

The death of ego,
the birth of ‘I am’,
the noise in my head
a nurtured drama.
Love has no conditions,
it tells no lies,
its being in the moment
just you and I.