This Mortal Vessel

The insane brain
acts out a
forced majeure,
to escape
its turbulent pain,
as it yearns
for the divine.

To turn off the particle
and contain the membrane;
I return it to God,
I have my definitive existance.

I think,
therefore I’m insane.
I am,
therefore I’m death.
I am dead,
therefore I’m reborn.
I prayed,
but never went away.

I alight into
a half fuelled fantasy
of a perfect night
knowing the
lust would leave
an emptiness
and nothing is fixed.

I feel less than
for more than usual,
I cannot excuse
the anger for you,
directed past you,
as I’m abandoned
on the high shelf.

I cast out ideas
of love unconditional
and I loath
this very vessel,
the very instant
I found you,
created you
from nothing; into
full view.