Infected linguistics
endless and deep.
Bleak logistics
manufactured relief.
A desparate menace
parasite on society,
killing necessary humanity
in servile sobriety.

Uprooted and endless
a narcotic invasion,
a distant false stretch
I’m avoiding affection.
Shimmering vision
yet to manifest,
everything is
lead and ash.

Senseless interupt
brings me the needle,
withdrawal gimmicks
hide the thirst.
My secret is out
a dark lined cloud,
the twisted subliminal
bubble has burst.

Cramped between
narrowing limits,
physiological prison
with vacuumed decisions.
Insects crawling
emerge through my skin,
leave my bones thin
like the life I’m living.

Bleak infection
assists my foul form,
in case I miss something,
protection at dawn.
Separate cold vessels
allude me in dreams,
I think its all over,
a losing game, it seems.

The moons pale sister
ellipses the frame,
knows I’m searching
for throw-off pain.
A pharmacist prescribes
an inch of life,
his special reach
touches the knife.

Words and pictures
have failed me now.
A chemical kick
with a dream to trick.
Beware the man in the car
the phone
the hat
on the bike
the coat on your back,
like the musk in wood
or an old green floor,
my veins cut off,
I’m gods no more.