Pause For Thought

All love nowadays
just a different fix,
beyond futile painkilling
nothing and love exists.
From a different love
to cut in half,
never die but
sewn half as high.

Playing our games
an eternal ride,
the rat-in-a-bag
I cannot hide.
Burning laughs
separate the flesh,
breaking its cover
to every edge.

Marraige has a wisdom
I seem to forget,
Into slippers
soon leads to death.
Dress up the gates
for emasculation,
frightened, momentary
cautious flesh.

The pain of connection
breaks the struggle,
conditional reality
breaks acceptance.
Erotic association
keeps turning deadly,
spin the yin cycle,
as different as endless.

I spoke to her friday,
knew it was lost.
I run from myself
the unending cost.
Boxed in, cautious,
I am on the mend.
A displaced maze
without an end.