Raison D’ĂȘtre

I can see
your piercing eyes
seeing through my lies
trying to deny
what its telling me;
time to leave 
the weight of my life.

I can feel
suffocating love
too far above
deafening warmth,
love exists
but its too much risk,
crumbles and twists.

I can sense
forgotten, leaving
abrupt, internal.
Wish it was different
I know it's my cost,
the landing lost.

I can wish
a different agony
worn as reality
my reason for being
a new song, a life.
Forever I yearn
to breath and belong.


For a dislocated moment
it seems we have it
connections and
wordless conversations.
Say the right thing,
I would do anything
to have it over and over
you and me.

I know this dream
certainly real to me
for only a short time,
as brief as it was
I still steal
a stimulating glimpse,
a second of reality
biting at me;
you and me.

Please never say it
I do not want to hear,
if I do
it becomes so real,
there is no denial
of course I will accept it
its how things progress,
stay near each other;
you and me.


Lamenting but unaffected
I peer into illusions of life;
a sea of nothing.
The past drops into reality
bit by bit
exhausted fragility
my life the crux of it.

I chip away at failure
lying again, even closer
ending up sceptical
between each beat
the tonal depths
throws me I think.

Will someone see?
What HELP is
afforded to ME!
Between the lines 
I see the shelf
I hope I'm fine,
my fragile health.


Peering through a fence
to the woodland beyond
trees, grass, shrubs,
flowers in the fore.
It all appears flat
on a single plane
like a pop-up book
I’m for the first time, sane.
Observation, determinism,
reality in 4 dimensions,
without us to see it
it’s completely non-existant.

Life in the universe
seeks a nook to manifest
infinite wanderers in a
higher existance,
seeking a spot at
every instance.
Endless movement,
we travel and roam
through dimensions in
the multiverse foam.
Micro and macro,
separate and apart
no need for a theory to
show us who we are.

A multidimensional nomad
in an endless cycle
of birth until the universe
is cold, no more Earth.
Infinity surrounding us,
it could be misunderstood.
Knowledge that escapes us
with no time to evolve.
Clouds of consciousness
in everything, to behold.
A beautiful utopian existance,
in timeless stories told.


I found myself staring
into the abyss
saw the old one’s eyes
staring back at me.
The gaze of the gods
piercing and still
with steady footing
gargantuan and wise.

Their power elusive
their shadows cold
drifting in space
the planets of old.
Formulating plans
awaiting commands
with our deepest worship;
they cannot return.

Travelling closer
clouds become black
lightning and thunder
the aurora cracks.
Birds flying across
a monstrous form
appearing in view
rain breaks the approach.

Another god awakens
from the ground under foot
covered in soil, moss,
bark and roots.
The size unmatched
shaking the Earth
beckoning the animals
and plants to the surface.

A god from the oceans
breaks through the waves
of barnacles and seaweed
a swiftness to amaze.
He shelters creatures
and plants from the sea,
whales sing his return
calling to creation.

Sky, earth and ocean
arrive in good time
they begin their work
in song and in rhyme.
Repairing the damage
man has long wrought
before Mother Earth
crumbles to naught.

The god of the skies;
Atmos the overseer.
The god of the earth;
Titan the steadfast.
The god of the sea;
Leviathan lifegiver.
Together again to heal
our home and our hearts.

A cyclopean city
where they dwell as men
emerges in the mountains
the source of all strength.
They take on new forms
as man and as god
from the city they plan
on the earth they trod.

The call of their return
rings in our ears
their dread filled awakening
takes many years.
The size is collosal
their movement vague
in slow motion
their bulk shudders awake.

The planet torn asunder
life begins anew
assymetry and symmetry
spirals and fractals.
As if inked in pen
designed from the cosmos
the world begins again
a beauty to behold.


Today a dull day
befitting of winter
leaves become muddied
the autumn night shudders.

Grey unfeeling clouds
puddle the sky
a sycamore helicopter
vies for space.

I continue to ponder
remember my fate
night stretches out
trees tangle and deform.

I tire of the world
think of different times
think of how i could
leave this world behind.

Together we build a ship
a corridor through time
made with twin particles
to create a passage to climb.

As I begin to travel
a single musical instant
I see the melodic night
this beautiful existance.

I see the big bang
the end of my journey
as mebranes collide
the start of the symphony.

A single note is struck
creates a particle
defines a new song
assigns our reality.

The contents of thought
withing humming strings
creates all the atoms
in many different patterns.

I ponder my substance
the day gets brighter
the woes of the world
finally have closure.

Today I have hope
the people catch up
consciousness grows
the hate is left behind.


Feeling vexed
uncomfortably numb
I indulge each lie,
grey I become.
Readily ornate
reach into my game
developing grief,
advertise and feign.

The blanket of life
leaves me confused
changing each fact
rudely I peruse.
The clarity hits
panic turns to fear
this might be it
the hope to feel.

Unquelled hate
against the exposed
no purpose I sate
loyalty unknown.
Conditional love
unwavering pain
pure and unbeatable,
sufference never wanes.

Evil in many forms
hate to grin in joy
I shake my head
a second hand ploy.
Here I hang, aged,
return to sweet sleep
I can never fathom
the disdain for me.

Bonds are broken
my time is up
my words and second thought
never to forget.
Friends again it seems
makes me behave
she is my lady
I am her slave.

I now gently heal
nothing retained
once it was real
two weeks in vain.
Suffering for years
at the hands of many
trusted by peers
a deep sense of irony.

Fighting for life
no one to tell
a tale for a book
many years it took.
He wore a clown face
killed my pets
its a compulsion
never to forget.

Ten years ago
the universe split in two
in one I lived on,
the other died sordidly.
Drugged tossed aside
could not relax
bonds all broken
never a surprise.

Many days waiting
many hours dreaming
until it became
all one existance.
In the end, I couldn’t tell
the difference
as a tale of turmoil is told.
Here inside,
is a lesson of old.


I think,
Therefore I am
in situe,
lithe and
kept and
suffering in debt.
I try but fail
fevered and
lost and
frail and
I abstain in pity.
It goes without saying,
my mind turns to mulch.
I lament on fire
its not mine to touch,
turning the lie
Omega, I.


The world changed
a bit today
the music man
has gone away.

He wrote his last
fell into sleep
the hill to climb
a little too steep

He grew up a bard
creator of music
belonging in films
to shine like a poet

A man , a great
influence far and wide
never forgot
beyond the divide

Goodbye music man
the legend transcends
as you stand before God
an eon is ended.


make merry your eyes
my love reaches the sky
it ensues for us
as deep as the cosmos.

make merry your lips
it is you who gives in
in a perfect world
forever mine to behold.

make merry your mind
i have found your heart
it is pure, I can tell
in the warmth of your smile.

make merry your heart
engraved eternal like glass
i can never forget
i will not let go yet.