Ghosts and spirits
in the essence,
shadows of beings
from other dimensions.
Higher worlds
not within our comprehension.

Blobs and shapes, in and out of space,
floating around the earth,
unable to share
our 3 dimensional air.

In and out of homes
scaring god-fearing folks,
who believe ghosts are no good.

But this is such a misconception,
its not a contravention,
spirits have no bad intentions,
its just their shadows that get attention.


Infected, grey
defined at the edge,
desperate for a say.

A systematic dismantling
of all that is good,
before our eyes
ripped from the truth.

Most certainly tangled,
I fail to see it objectively,
but thats old news.

Its less of a crime
than years of abuse
at the hands of bullies
big or small.
Pushing through life,
until they fall.
And why not?
Afraid of themselves,
but its not always clear.
Past hate and backwards fear.

Left behind alone in a chair,
I rise and float through the air,
and soot
and water
until my breath escapes
and I am no longer here.


My first ecstatic moment
I become one with the world around me
with the love inside me.

I want to share it and become it
released from years of unkept emotion.

All at once, I am shown me, myself from the inside
good or bad
with nowhere to hide.

I have no choice
I am better here
as I find it all unhidden and raw.

It could undo me if I want more
do not let it fool me
or become the sum of me
falsehoods and truth
opened up and free.

Life, my ecstacy.