In the beginning
there was no sound,
then came a hum
a gentle vibration
turning into a voice
a harmony
a chorus
a symphony
of incredible mystery
a perfect symmetry.

Order from chaos
swirls and eruptions
torrential bursting
randomly searching
for the life
that preceeds it
with the movement
that recieves it.
Forever in concert
a cosmic masterpiece.

Causation in existence
leads to a notion
in an instant
eons of brilliance
information transference
a quirk of intelligence
constructed by scientists
in the language
of numbers.

from the multiverse
equal to the hole in us,
it always saddens me
how we destroy the melody.
I could show everyone
the collapse of the world
the abyss swallowing words,
I would be god
revert humankind
with empathy and mind,
I would be goddess
reword the swarms
reverse havoc wrought.

But for now I weep
imperfect apocalypse
die eternal
children and animals
scorch in the inferno
to ever wander and
trespass in limbo
all is forgotten
in the night
of the hallowed.


Yehosuah in his life
heaven born before his time.
A spirit of ages
his second sight,
a soothsayer
translated by proselytes.
Great visions of
halcyon days,
stories unfold
of silk and gold,
honey and fish,
the human soul.
What we need
from the scripts we read,
a reason to give
a reason to love
a reason to live
in the world above.

The TV freaks
and propaganda geeks,
they tell me
apart from “i’m free”,
that benefit fraud
steals from us all,
but the powers steal more,
and for who?
One mans pockets
or military warships,
new powerful rockets
that cause all
the hardships?
I try to fight it
but lose the target.
Do we accept it?
Become a part of it?


The thought of you
clouded my purpose,
I lose the moment
and the pain resurfaces.

Between the cracks
of the purest love,
my disease hunts
for the cut above.

It sends me back
to pain once held,
sends me forward
to the future’s fold.

Fantasies of outcomes
and distant presumptions,
when the illusion shatters
there is no salvation.

I’m lost with emptiness
my disease is unchecked,
a dream I once held
ends in spiritual death.

When I lose control
reality begins to hurt,
in a desperate attempt
I try to cure the curse.

But the answer is inside me
the past and future, gone,
I’m living for reality
and the universe in song.